I want you to know the messiness of my life. 🌸

If you follow me on any other social platforms you know.. I share a lot of 💩 online


My relationships, breakups, self worth issues, body image struggles, my fears, my wins, raw emotions, my triggers.


I write my captions the way that I would speak to a close friend.


Because I want to be your friend. Yes, you reading this I want to be your friend. 👯‍♀️


I want to earn your trust through my transparency.


I believe the currency of leadership is… TRANSPARENCY.


I have been working on building a group coaching for women that is all about honoring themselves, NOURISHING themselves, and taking back their power. 👑


A space where we can witness that other women share similar struggles without shame.


A space to come together on knowing we are all working on creating ourselves into our truest and fullest expression.


And to be honest I have felt some imposture syndrome around creating this space. 😓


“Who am I to be a leader in this space for women when I don’t have it all figured out myself.”




Nobody has it all together including the leader.


I am not building this community just for others but for me too.


We are ALL lioness. 🦁 


We are on this hunt of life together.


I am here to help support you in nourishing your body, your mind, and your soul.


I am full of so much excitement and passion for this.